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Family #2567 4 adults, 1 child

We are a family of 5. I am reaching out and applying for this program because my family is in need of some support right now. We are currently in a tough financial place in our home. During the winter time, work slows down a lot for myself and my husband. Both of our jobs are mostly seasonal, so during these winter months we are short on money. This year there is an added obstacle of the crazy inflation we are facing in Colorado, so we are at a greater disadvantage than what we originally expected. We would love to have some presents under the tree, and I just know that without this help, that might not be possible this year for us. Thank you for considering my family and may God bless you.

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Family #2571 5 adults, 2 children

I am the mother of a household of 7. There are two kids and 5 adults in our home. I am actually grandma of the kids, but due to some circumstances, myself and my husband became legal guardians of our two beautiful grandchildren. We were not planning on raising two young kids at our age, but we are so happy we get to watch them grow and play such a major part in their growth. My husband is the provider in my family. I try to make food and sell it to provide some income myself. With food prices going up, my sales have gotten harder and harder to maintain since my profits just go straight into my sales. My husband has season work, so his working hours are significantly reduced during this time of the year. As you can imagine, life gets a little tough around this time and we try to save money everywhere possible. My two grandchildren are my everything, and I work hard to make sure they are well fed and happy. They both have developmental delays and receive supports to help them learn and thrive in school and in life. All I want is for my family to be able to sit around the table, eat some delicious food and get to open presents by the tree. When we are together, smiling and laughing, we forget all of our troubles and that is what it's all about for us. Please consider my family for this blessing and may God bless you and your loved ones.

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Family #2583 1 adult, 0 children

Teodulo came to USA about two years ago. Teodulo came to USA to work and help out his mother and younger siblings. Teodulo is residing with a family member at the moment, however, his goal is to find his own place; continue working and supporting his mother back in Mexico.

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Family #2609 3 adults, 5 children

Dad hasn't been working for the past couple of months due to lack of work. Kids are experiencing health issues, two of the kids have kidney issues and need to have medical procedures and surgeries. One of the kids was born with kidney obstruction and for the other child they just discovered that he has also developed kidney issues and need to do further testing and procedures.

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Family #2617 4 adults, 2 children

Family moved to Colorado from California earlier this year due to experiencing violence. Father was physically attacked and suffers from head injuries. Mother is employed part time because she has to take husband to physical therapy appointments and care for him. Her oldest children had summer jobs but now are not employed. Mother is trying to get a full time job to be able to get the family a stable home. Family is currenty in a shelter program.

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Family #2636 1 adult, 2 children

Matthew was purchasing a mobile home from a friend but then the friend decided not to sell the property anymore and move back in. Mathew had to move out and lost money. He is currently living in hotels with his daughters and paying out of pocket. He is trying to save as much as possible to move into his own place and hopes that by Christmas family will have their own place to call home.

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Family #2644 1 adult, 1 child

Chris is a 15 year old African American male who is being raised by his grandmother. He has never met his dad and mom left the home a long time ago. He has significant academic delays but has had perfect attendance at school this year and is working really hard because he wants to be an entrepreneur/fashion designer and be successful. He takes a lot of pride in his shoes and clothing and cherishes everything he owns. He has a difficult time trusting people but wants to have relationships with others. He wants his grandmother to be proud of him and he has a lot of respect for her, she is the most important person in the world to him.

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Family #2647 5 adults, 4 children

A family of 9 is in need of extra support this holiday season. The increase in the cost of living has really affected the family’s income. The main provider the father has a seasonal job and has recently gotten surgery which has put them in a tighter situation. They shared that they currently can only cover their rent and bills but don’t have enough for extra stuff such as Christmas gifts. Sister is looking forward to bringing smiles to her whole family and especially to the little ones. They are grateful for whoever adopts them and helps bring that Christmas joy into their home.

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Family #2648 2 adults, 5 children

On early Friday morning on November 18th, this family became victims of a horrible apartment fire that took everything from them. The Dad made sure to get his wife and 5 kids out safely, however, he suffered 2nd-degree burns all over his body. Mom and the kids walked away holding each other and praying for him while they took Dad away in the ambulance. Dad is still in the hospital starting the recovery and healing process. The rest of the family is also trying to pick up the pieces and start healing from this traumatic event.

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