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Family #2334 2 adults, 3 children

This is a family of 5 who struggles to make end meet. Dad is a front line worker and mom looks after the kids. They are thankful to be in this program.

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Family #2338 4 adults, 4 children

Mom (MM) is by herself now. She is working but it is hard to make ends meet. She could use some help. She just wants Christmas to be good for her kids.

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Family #2340 2 adults, 3 children

This family of 5 just moved to Colorado from Texas. The Mother had a job lined up with the US post office and when family arrived to Colorado the job fell through and family used their funds to stay in a hotel until family was able to find 2 bedroom apartment in a transitional housing program. The Mother is currently job searching and hopes to secure full time employment soon. The husband is disabled and not able to work. Family is highly motivated and hopes to make Colorado their new home.

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Family #2341 2 adults, 3 children

Dad and Mom have been struggling this year, mainly due to covid. Dad had been employed and then his company closed and he was left without a job. Dad has found new employment but his income has decreased and Mom is pregnant and pregnancy is considered high risk and not able to work at the moment. Family has 3 children who are all adjusting to the virtual learning.

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Family #2342 2 adults, 4 children

Dad (RV) has stage 4 Kidney failure and in need of Kidney transplant. He is on the waitlist and hoping to get a new Kidney next year. Dad is employed and struggles to make ends meet. Mom helps financially by cleaning homes. Family would like to provide their children with a nice holiday because they are all doing well in school.

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Family #2343 4 adults, 3 children

Grandparents helping to raise grandkids. They have a disabled son.

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Family #2344 1 adult, 3 children

Claudia is a single mom with 3 children. Claudia was working full time but because her children are doing virtual learning she is not able to work full time at the moment and is struggling to make ends meet. She is being creative on how to make extra money while at home like having yard sales on weekends but now that the weather will be changing she is not sure how she will be able to buy her kids gifts for the holidays.

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Family #2345 2 adults, 2 children

The last couple of years mom has been working hard for her family. Just as mom and dad were working on rebuilding and strengthening their family after losing their side business and dad battling addiction and coming out stronger on the other side, mom was laid off from work. Mom had trouble getting unemployment help. Things got even tougher and some days there was only enough food to feed the kids and the parents went with out. Dad was still working, trying to keep them afloat, when a family member passed from Covid. Unfortunately, mom and the girls tested positive for Covid also, mom and JM were positive for 27 days and EM is still struggling to get over it. This may have to do with previous health problems that started when she was 9 months that included seizures. This family feels like they have been hit hard by everything all at once and have never been in this position before. Mom and dad are hesitant when it comes to asking for help but would be so grateful for any help they receive.

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Family #2346 1 adult, 2 children

Mom is very modest lady whom has been raising her teenage girls while balancing the hardships of life and COVID. Mom's-A-Team (what she often refers to her girls as) have been experiencing homelessness off and on the past couple of years due to unforeseen hardships and Mom's health conditions. Mom never complains, is always upbeat - even in the hardest of times - and works hard for everything they currently have. They are living in a hotel and even while completing this application I had to challenge her and ask her daughters for ideas because her response was "I just want my girls to be happy". Thank you so much for reading, helping and Happy Holidays!!!

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Family #2347 1 adult, 2 children

Dad is a single father of two girls whom live with him. Mom passed away when the girls were younger. Dad is not able to work due to health conditions and COVID19 has impacted this family significantly. Dad was happy to hear about community supports this holiday season as he would love for his girls to have a great holiday, they even wrote their own lists. I had to encourage Dad to share ideas as he was reluctant to ask for gifts for himself - Dad is a great person, raising his daughters to be kind human beings. Thank you so much for your help and Happy Holidays!!

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Family #2350 2 adults, 2 children

KN was born/raised in CO. She is physically and mentally disabled. She cares for children in her family as a way to "support" herself while she waits for Social Security approval. With covid, waiting on SSA, etc she is short money for the holidays. Gluten-sensitive and Lactose-intolerant.

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Family #2351 1 adult, 2 children

This family just moved to Colorado. Mom is a single parent to two kids, she is trying to start all over after a divorce and has had a hard time adapting here and finding a job.

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Family #2352 3 adults, 3 children

This family can really benefit from getting some help this year. They have a 12 year old special needs son with multiple disabilities.

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Family #2353 1 adult, 2 children

This single mom has 2 kids, one of them has a disability. Mom is on call 24/7 for her kiddo which makes it hard to find consistent work, especially with remote learning. This family has no car and uses the bus for transportation. It was already difficult to go to the grocery store and finish everyday tasks but now mom is worried about social distancing and safety also. Thankfully, mom is able to manage the day to day expenses but she won't be able to purchase Christmas presents. If you adopt this family you will definitely make Christmas happen for them.

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