Case Manager FAQ

Can we contact Perfect Holiday Gift Staff?
If you are a participating case manager, yes, please do! Please do not, however, share our contact information with your clients. We now use a self-serve system that is accessible online 24/7 by you and your clients. We encourage you to direct clients to this system. If you refer clients who are not computer literate, we ask that you serve as a liaison and offer updates to your clients.
Who should I refer?
Thornton residents. Only City of Thornton residents are eligible to participate. Refer an individual or family that you have been working with and that you feel is deserving of the Perfect Holiday Gift. Participants of all ages are welcome. All members of the household are eligible to participate. Participants do not need a home address to participate, and those experiencing homelessness are eligible. We do not ask for financial information.
Is the client's information kept confidential?
Yes. When Case Managers complete an online assistance application, a unique ID is automatically established for each application. All contact information for the client and the Case Manager are removed from public view. The story section and the wish list chart on the application are public. For this reason, you should not use complete first and last names in these sections. The chart indicates you may use initials, or another public identifier. The application does specify on every field, which are public, and which are private so please pay close attention to this.
How do I know if my application was received?
You will receive an email confirmation with each application submitted.
How do I know if my client was adopted?
You and your clients can check their status anytime by clicking the "Check your Case Status" button under the "Approved Participants" heading.
When can clients pick up their gifts?
When the gifts have arrived in our office and are ready for distribution, clients will be contacted using the information included on their application. All gifts must be picked up by 7 p.m. on Monday, December 19, 2022.
Can I pick up the gifts for my clients?
Yes, but it is not required. Your clients can pick up their gifts as well. Only a named participant or a case manager listed on the application can pick up and sign for the gifts. Photo ID is required for the pickup.
Can I refer a family member of mine?
No. In order to avoid conflicts of interest, we do not allow case managers to refer their own family members. A case manager, for the purposes of Perfect Holiday Gift, can be a caseworker, school counselor, or other service provider left to the discretion of the city of Thornton. It is expected that the relationship between the case manager and the participant is clear to Thornton staff.